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Early on, when search-engines were young, your domain name didn't matter much. But today, the algorithms that search engines like Google, Yahoo and others use, factor the domain name as well. As a result, many businesses on the Internet end up booking more domains besides the name of their company. These domains are booked to give the main Website more visibility.


So how do you select domains that give you visibility on the Internet? The answer, like always, is simple: What are your users searching for? Say for example, you run a company called SendWishes (I wish for a sandwich - that is a bad play). And, you have your e-commerce Website at sendwishes.com. Now, make a guess, what can the company be offering to the users? The answer isn't that obvious isn't it? Of course, on further thought, we do get an idea that it has something to do with sending wishes in the form of e-greetings, gifts, flowers and chocolates even.

Well, let us assume the business is in this space. But think about the users that don't know about SendWishes yet, they'd be searching for stuff with keywords that aren't a part of the domain. That brings us to rule one:

Think about what your users are searching for, then, incorporate the keywords they use to search for products or services you offer right in the domain name.

You can try this for yourself. Try searching for a product or service you'd like to buy in the next few days, and see the results that come up on the search engine. But hey, but that doesn't mean you buy a domain like greetings-gifts-flowers-chocolates.com. While you may get search hits, users are very likely to forget the domain. That brings us to rule two:

The domain should be as short, meaningful and memorable. Above all, it should describe the business or a part of the business.

Say, SendWishes has excellent partners in Italy, and they really specialize in delivering flowers in Italy. Using this fact to their advantage, SendWishes could use a domain like flowers2italy.com. Now think about the users who might be looking for sending flowers to Italy, what keywords would they use? See, you have most of the keywords in the domain. Similarly, you could also buy gifts2italy.com and so on. Domains bought for SEO purposes must necessarily describe your business and what you do.

Users come in all shapes and sizes, most of them might not be native English speakers, so you could book domains in other languages too. The idea is to be as close to the keywords that your user will give to the search engine. Some people even go to extent of booking domains with popular spelling mistakes and mistypes! Guess what page would gooogle.com, or uahoo.com open.

While that is all that goes for buying domains for SEO purposes, but you shouldn't just stop here. Make sure the keywords you use in your SEO domains are sprinkled in your Website. This strategy is sure to get you higher rankings. If you stick with these rules, that 10-dollar-fee you spent on the SEO domain is sure to give you a steady stream of traffic for a year.



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